NewsScope for September 14, 2015
by Michael WolfStar

Joe Biden’s Candidacy

Although Joe Biden’s chances of winning the 2016 election were addressed a month ago, several readers requested a deeper look at his chart since he’s currently weighing whether or not he will enter the race. In the most general terms, his Sun in Scorpio is a definite plus: the U.S. has had five Scorpio presidents, more than any other sign with the exception of Aquarius, which also has five.

Biden was born with frank, outspoken Sagittarius Rising (November 20, 1942; 8:30 am; Scranton, PA), which makes Jupiter his ruling planet. Jupiter is located at 25º Cancer where it forms a fortunate trine to his Sun, giving the vice president close family connections, an abundance of self-confidence, and generosity of spirit. Also, Jupiter’s precise quincunx (150º) to the U.S. Moon offers the opportunity to be a popular and successful candidate with the American voters.

 Celebrity Chart

A major configuration in this chart is a T-square: the Sun-Venus conjunction opposes Uranus and squares Chiron. It describes the potential for sudden loss of loved ones (Uranus opposite Venus), the emotional pain that this brings about (Chiron), and how these experiences shape his overall character (Sun). Progressed Mars had conjoined his Ascendant and opposed natal Uranus when his wife died in a car accident on December 18, 1972.

On May 30, 2015, his son Beau died of brain cancer as transiting Saturn was in the same place, i.e., conjunct his Ascendant and opposite Uranus. Transiting Saturn remains in this degree area, testing whether he has the emotional and physical capacity to carry on a difficult campaign. Over the weekend, the solar eclipse in Virgo landed right on his Midheaven and opposed Ceres, the asteroid associated with grief and loss. This marks the decision point, when his loss most heavily weighs on his future. Hopefully, he decides against running, since his progressed Part of Fortune does not present a winnable scenario.

Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood

The U.S. government will likely shut down on October 1 for at least a few days. Transiting Pluto is turning direct while opposing the U.S. Sun, creating an intense political climate with little room for compromise. The sticking point is whether the government should continue to send $500 million to support Planned Parenthood, a program that was initially created by feminist Margaret Sanger.

 Celebrity Chart

Margaret Sanger was born with a Sun-Vesta conjunction in Virgo (September 14, 1879; Corning, NY; time unknown), a workaholic combination that finds fulfillment by devoting herself to a sacred cause or calling. In her time, and possibly in ours, the Sun-Vesta-in-Virgo woman tends to see sex as a duty to her partner. In Sanger’s case, her Sun trines a Mars-Pluto conjunction, giving her tremendous will power and the desire to have her own career.

Sanger’s Mercury is also in Virgo and conjoins radical Uranus, with the two opposing Jupiter. This three-planet combination tends to have an unusually quick mind, one that becomes interested in revolutionary ideas and scientific advances. With Sanger’s Sun trine Black Moon Lilith, she readily took up with the feminist movement of her day, eventually becoming one of its most prominent leaders.

Ceres is associated with life and death passages and, more specifically, with birth control. In 1921 Sanger founded the American Birth Control League, which was the precursor to Planned Parenthood. At the time, her progressed Sun was squaring her natal Ceres. Also, her progressed Ceres was squaring natal Lilith. Sanger’s story shows us how the individual’s horoscope lives on after death: the Solar Eclipse over the weekend landed right on her Sun.

Stephen Colbert, Rectified

Since Stephen Colbert started last week on The Late Show, the ratings have been strong, helped along by his faithful followers from The Colbert Report and his stream of well-known and popular celebrities. AstroDataBank* has no confirmed birth time for Colbert, though it displays two rectified charts, both with Sagittarius Rising. I’ve rectified it to 10:02 pm (May 13, 1964; Washington, DC).

 Celebrity Chart

Getting the birth time right is essential for accurate delineations and forecasts. Almost always, the Midheaven, its ruling planet, and/or the progressed Midheaven are activated during life’s most important events. Case in point: Colbert’s father and two brothers were killed in an airplane crash on September 11, 1974. At the time, transiting Pluto was exactly conjunct his Libra Midheaven.

This life-changing event had other challenging astro-events involving the angular markers: his progressed Midheaven at 15º Libra was being squared by transiting Saturn with an orb of less than one degree. Plus, his progressed Venus (the ruler of his Midheaven) opposed natal Ceres, the asteroid associated with loss of loved ones. Transiting Neptune activated this progressed aspect. Three unusually challenging configurations all happening at once brought this life-changing transition.

Colbert began hosting his own television show, The Colbert Report, on October 17, 2005 when his progressed Sun conjoined natal Venus, the ruler of both his Midheaven and his 5th house of entertainment. Also, his progressed Mars in the 6th house of work was trine his Midheaven. He mischievously announced he was running for president on October 16, 2007 when transiting Jupiter was precisely conjunct his Sagittarius Ascendant, and his progressed Sun was squaring his Midheaven. Last week, he started The Late Show as his progressed Part of Fortune conjoined his progressed Midheaven and both opposed his Taurus Sun.

* One is set for 9:02 pm, and the other for 10:30 pm. See http://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Colbert,_Stephen

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