NewsScope for May 1, 2017
by Michael WolfStar

Trump’s Next 100 Days

In an exclusive interview with Reuters about his first 100 days in office, Trump confessed how much he loved his previous life as a business tycoon. "This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier." This curious statement resonates with the nostalgia and feelings of being trapped that accompany his progressed Moon entering his 12th house.

Before we get to the August 21 Solar Eclipse, a potential war situation is shaping up, perhaps beginning in early June and involving the U.S.* In May, both transiting Saturn and Uranus are trine Trump’s Mars, which goes along with the Navy’s heightened military presence near North Korea. These are strong transits, and give Trump much support for sanctions against Kim Jong Un’s provocative nuclear weapons program.

Trump’s progressed Moon officially enters his 12th house on June 23, but from his Reuters interview, he’s evidently already feeling the need for more personal freedom, and longing for some escape. This sentiment is a major distraction from the need to be fully alert and make wise decisions when it comes to North Korea. Any slip up or hasty decision could put into action the world’s largest standing army: North Korea has 1.2 million soldiers on active duty.

Challenging Saturn transits are generally felt long before they’re exact. Trump is currently under the rays of transiting Saturn opposite his Gemini Sun, which will be exact on July 7 – two weeks after his progressed Moon enters the 12th house of escapism and retreat. As we know, Trump never retreats, so something will force him deeper into isolation under the burdens of the presidency. This is a formula for making geopolitical errors, and goes along with one of the 12th house’s key phrases: the house of self-undoing.

Kim Jong Un’s Next 100 Days

Following North Korea’s firing of a ballistic missile in defiance of global pressure, emissaries from Japan, China, and the Philippines urged the leaders of the U.S. and North Korea to tone down the war rhetoric. In the U.S., some politicians are calling for the immediate removal of Kim Jong Un, while the North Korean dictator seemed perfectly content to play this nuclear brinksmanship game.

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With transiting Pluto in a long-term conjunction with Kim’s Capricorn Sun, he feels driven to reach the full potential of his power and control. This monumental Pluto transit concentrates his psyche and physical energy for achieving mastery over self and the surrounding environment. He naturally abhors compromise and cooperation with others. Pluto turns direct in late September at 16º51’ Capricorn – only 0º04’ from his Sun.

Another major Pluto event is his progressed Mercury at 1º Aquarius squaring natal Pluto at 1º Scorpio. This aspect is exact on June 22, so in play now and getting more intense through then. The dynamic Mercury-Pluto is all about the mind games that Kim is playing now, pushing his Hermit Kingdom to the brink of military chaos while threatening the population of Seoul (only 35 miles from the DMZ) if war does break out.

Adding to the danger is transiting Uranus opposing Kim’s Mars, the most explosive, volatile condition one could imagine. Kim’s natal Mars is octile (45º) Uranus, so this is a lifelong pattern. Over the next few months, transiting Uranus will activate this natal Mars-Uranus aspect. The exact oppositions to Mars on July 12 and August 25, plus the retrograde station on August 2 warn us that this is an extremely dangerous situation.

Peggy Whitson’s Long Journey

Last week astronaut Peggy Whitson broke the NASA record of 534 cumulative days in orbit, which earned her a video conference with Donald Trump. The friendly 20-minute link-up from the Oval Office to the International Space Station featured Whitson’s scientific explanations of how to preserve water and how the human body can live in microgravity in preparation for a mission to Mars in the 2030s.

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Peggy Whitson was born with her Aquarius Sun opposite Uranus (February 9, 1960; Mount Ayr, Iowa; time unknown), a doubled message emphasizing her independent, rational, and gender-equality approach to life. A specialist in biochemical and genetic engineering, Whitson began her career at the Johnson Space Center in 1988. Her Aquarian objectivity was demonstrated to Trump when she explained how they transformed their urine into drinkable water.

With three planets and two asteroids in Capricorn, Whitson has a strong sense of duty and protocol. Venus conjoins Mars and Saturn, giving her a pleasant personality along with endurance, competence, and self-control. For her current mission, she arrived at the ISS on November 19, 2016 when transiting Pluto conjoined her Venus. At the time she also became the first woman astronaut (Venus) to command (Pluto) the ISS.

Whitson is scheduled to return to Earth in September 2017. Transiting Pluto has been central during this record-breaking mission, as it’s moved from her Venus to her Mars. Pluto-to-Mars is especially noted for its physical stamina and resourcefulness, and was close to exact during last week’s video conference. As the call ended, she executed a playful back flip in near zero gravity.

* See NewsScope for March 20, 2017 for details.

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