NewsScope for June 19, 2017
by Michael WolfStar

Trump’s Twelfth House Pluto

Over the next week, Trump’s progressed Moon enters his 12th house, and he’s showing increasing signs of the isolation and self-defeating behavior generally associated with this passage. As Politico headlined, "The president can’t stop talking about the Russian probe, and advisers say they’re worried he’s making the situation worse." In short, he’s become obsessed with the investigation, calling it a "witch hunt."

Planets in the 12th house are meant to serve the larger whole in some way and can direct the conscious ego into selfless acts, mysticism, and spiritual practices. However, most people in the modern world are imprinted with the need to accumulate as much wealth and power as possible, which leads the 12th house placements into psychological traps, or what astro-therapists refer to as "lessons".

Trump’s 12th house is tenanted by Pluto and, in its most positive expression, is the "saint", one who feels the suffering of others and is guided by compassion. Trump is obviously playing out the more negative side, as shown by the obsessive, compulsive, and vengeful tweets as well as the comments of his closest aides. Chief strategist Steve Bannon said that Trump believes the FBI is out to get him.

Pluto in the 12th house may also refer to secret deals, hidden alliances, and organized crime -- like the Russian mafia that laundered money by investing in Trump Tower.* So far, no smoking gun has been found, and advisers tell Trump to be patient and eventually he’ll be cleared. His constant tweeting about the subject is indicative of the obsessive Pluto that just can’t let it go. As one presidential historian said, "He may be the first president in history who brings himself down because he just can’t help himself."

Robert Mueller, Special Counsel

Following Comey’s dismissal, former FBI chief Robert Mueller was appointed to serve as Special Counsel to the U.S. Department of Justice. He was charged with investigating "any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump." Last week, The Washington Post broke the story that Mueller was now investigating Trump for "obstruction of justice".

 Celebrity Chart

Robert Mueller was born with his Leo Sun conjunct Vesta and Pluto (August 7, 1944; New York, NY; time unknown), a powerful combination that bestows an intense devotion to his job, as if it were a sacred cause. As the FBI director under Bush (43) and Obama, Mueller achieved a reputation for his fairness, competency, and for doing the right thing. The Sun sextile Uranus in Gemini adds intellectual independence, or in Washington-speak, bi-partisanship.

Venus is the key player in current events. Mueller was appointed on May 17 when transiting Saturn at 26º Sagittarius and transiting Uranus at 26º Aries were both trine his Venus at 26º Leo. This Fire Grand trine accounts for the widespread acceptance of his appointment. Venus is associated with popularity, and his solid background serving the nation in a variety of capacities earned him near unanimous approval.

Over the next several months, Mueller’s progressed Sun at 26º Libra remains in a highly favorable sextile to natal Venus. Around June 10** when transiting Uranus was exactly squaring Mueller’s Pallas-North Node, Trump suggested he was considering firing Mueller. The Nixonian threat was meant to force Mueller to issue a favorable report. This investigation is gathering steam, and we may expect some dramatic turn near the August 21 Solar Eclipse: it’s closely aligned with Mueller’s Venus, and on Trump’s Mars and Leo Ascendant.

From the Halloran natal report for Robert Mueller:

Planets in Aspect

Mars conjunct Chiron  (Strength:  6.62)

You probably have a love for sports.  This aspect is commonly seen in cases of exaggerated masculine drive.  Assess the aspects to this conjunction from other planets in order to judge if the exaggerated masculine qualities are likely to express positively or negatively.  A favorable aspect from an outer planet makes for a more civilized and successful kind of masculinity.  Paul Newman and Chuck Yeager both have this conjunction favorably trine Neptune.  Harrison Ford has it favorably sextile Venus.  When Mars and Chiron combine with an unfavorable square from freedom-loving Uranus, we have the notorious porn star John Holmes.  An unfavorable Uranus opposition aspect gave us the scandalous Monica Lewinsky.  The same unfavorable combination, but with the addition of a favorable trine from Jupiter, is found in the chart of "She-Devil" comedienne Roseanne Barr and, five days later with the addition of Moon favorably trine Mercury, Playboy publisher Christie Ann Hefner.

The aspect when close can trigger higher consciousness - three high profile astrologers, Omarr, March, and Cunningham, were born with these planets within less than one degree.  But a capacity for violent murder is also shown, by the names Goebbels, Hauptmann, and Brynn Hartman.  So you see that particularly in the case of this conjunction, the expression depends upon the chart as a whole.

Mercury square Uranus  (Strength:  6.58)

Your ideas and beliefs are different from most people's, and some may consider you eccentric. In fact, you are very intelligent and talented; it's just that you are an intellectual rebel.  You refuse to limit your thinking only to known and accepted facts, and you will even defy logic in your search for ultimate truth.  The rules of others mean little to you, and so you don't hesitate to break them.

The causes for which you fight are not common or ordinary in any way, and in fact they may seem outrageous to others.  You could succeed in such careers as education, social services, science or politics.  But before you can succeed in life, however, you will need to drop your self-righteousness, impulsiveness, arrogance and impatience with "the establishment."  Learn some humility and caution.  In your dealings with others, be careful to "engage brain before opening mouth."

You will improve with age and experience, and you have the intellectual talents to help you solve life's problems.  But you need to develop more self-discipline and responsibility for your words and actions.  Others find you exciting to be around, and indeed you are.  But sometimes you can be strongly opinionated and immovable in your position.

According to Wikipedia, "[Mueller] graduated from St. Paul's School, in 1962, where he was captain of the soccer, hockey, and lacrosse teams, and won the Gordon Medal as the school's top athlete in 1962."

Pluto Brings Seismic Shift in the Grocery Business

Last Friday Amazon (AMZN) announced plans to buy the organic food grocer Whole Foods (WFM) for $13.7 billion, setting off a huge ripple effect across the supermarket industry. Amazon has deep pockets and can lower costs to increase its customer base, and get a substantial piece of the $800-billion grocery business. The deal will transform Amazon’s e-commerce business into a brick-and-mortar giant.

 Celebrity Chart
 Celebrity Chart

Pluto, the natural ruler of "deep pockets" and the transformative process, is at the center of this buy-out. AMZN (May 15, 1997; 9:30 am; New York, NY) has 20º Cancer Rising, and later this year transiting Pluto will enter the 7th house of partners. Meanwhile, WFM (January 23, 1992; 9:30 am: New York, NY) has Pisces Rising, with its ruling planet, Neptune, being activated by transiting Pluto over the next several months.

 Celebrity Chart

Jeff Bezos (January 12, 1964) has his Sun at 21º Capricorn, which is a natural fit with AMZN’s chart. Bezos owns 17% of AMZN’s stock, and as transiting Pluto conjoins his Sun, he will make billions more. His current wealth stands at $84 billion – making him the second richest man in the world. The expansive nature of Bezos’ strategic vision can be seen in his progressed Jupiter, which is now at 21º Aries.

So beginning next year, Bezos’ Sun will be simultaneously energized by a square from progressed Jupiter in pioneering Aries and the transformative conjunction from transiting Pluto. He’s in the process of completely shaking up the way people buy groceries. Ceres is the ruler of the food business, and Saturn-Pluto aspects govern the re-structuring process. The unfolding of this merger should take several years, and may be completed by 2020, when the epochal Saturn-Ceres-Pluto conjunction lands right on Bezos’ Sun.

From the Halloran natal report for Jeff Bezos:

Planets in Aspect

North Node trine Chiron  (Strength:  5.50)

You certainly keep busy.  You are very aware of outside pressures and expectations, but your creativity flourishes the most when you are in complete control.  What you need is to have first your parents and then society recognize and allow you to implement your vision, which comes from within.  You are an original thinker.  You will put in the hours needed to do an excellent job when you are in charge.

Jupiter square North Node  (Strength:  4.75)

You may have started from humble beginnings, but you tend to stand out as someone who is larger than life.  You are passionate about your work and social issues, but otherwise you are light-hearted, easy-going, and fun.  You are someone who can connect people at the bottom with people at the top.  You can build bridges between people from different backgrounds.  You yourself tend to function as an individual instead of as part of a team.

Mars sextile BlackMoon  (Strength:  4.71)

This aspect makes you pretty active.  You could be competitive at sports.  You can start your career as something of a hustler or promoter.  Not all of the ideas that you try work out, but you are adaptable and resilient.  You are always learning and improving.  The result of having been there and done that is that you know what to expect and can generously give others good advice. You tend to be open-minded about social issues.  You can modernize in a practical way.  You could befriend and work with other talented people.  You can manage complex, competing forces, at least for a while.  You can be efficient, discreet and trusted.  You could become a policeman or intelligence agent.  If you become so competitive that you ignore risks, including breaking the law, you could pay a high price.  You could pursue a beautiful, chic-looking wife when what you would really like is a wife with whom you are sexually comfortable and able to converse.  A self-help retreat could reenergize you.

* See "Trump’s Deep Ties to Russia" in Fortune magazine: http://fortune.com/2017/05/17/donald-trump-russia-2/

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