NewsScope for December 4, 2017
by Michael WolfStar

Echoes of Watergate

Last Friday, leftist pundits compared Michael Flynn’s historic plea deal to John Dean’s 1973 breakthrough plea agreement that kicked off the Watergate hearings. On the right, commentators said the charge against Flynn has nothing to do with Trump, and Trump simply repeated his line that there was "no collusion" with Russia. However, a look at the U.S. chart does show strong parallels to Watergate.

As described last March*, transiting Uranus is forming a hard aspect to the U.S. Mercury, located in the 9th house of legal affairs. Previously, Uranus making this aspect led to impeachment charges against Bill Clinton, and the cycle before that was the Watergate era. In the present era, transiting Uranus will turn direct on January 2 at 24º Aries, less than ½ degree from squaring the U.S. Mercury.

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Progressing the U.S. horoscope shows additional parallels. John Dean began his public testimony on June 25, 1973 when the U.S. progressed Sun and Pluto were exactly conjunct at 28º Capricorn (orb: 0º04’). The combination of the Sun and Pluto, in this case, led to an abuse of power which ultimately led to Nixon’s resignation. Currently, the progressed Sun and Pluto are forming the opening octile (semisquare).

Another similarity is the harmonious trine between progressed Saturn and Venus. In all of U.S. history, progressed Saturn has made only two trines to Venus. Nixon left office on August 9, 1974 when these two were precisely trine (orb: 0º00’). Over the next few decades, progressed Saturn turned retrograde and is now heading back into that trine (current orb: -0º05’). Progressed Saturn’s favorable aspect reflects U.S. institutions working slowly but surely. The next step: Trump fires Mueller, or Mueller indicts Trump.

Bitcoin’s Phenomenal Rise

"Donald Trump" slipped to the #2 spot on google searches last week, replaced at the top by "Bitcoin", reflecting the surging interest in this digital currency. Since the beginning of this year, the value of Bitcoin has increased ten-fold, from $1,000 to over $10,000 as of last week. The time stamp** on the first Bitcoin minted gives us an accurate horoscope to assess Bitcoin’s progress.

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Bitcoin came into existence just as Pluto entered Capricorn (January 3, 2009; 6:15 pm; London, UK), and during a time when the global financial structure was on the verge of collapsing. The ruler of the Aries Midheaven is Mars, which conjoins Pluto and squares the aggressive Aries Moon. The Moon’s involvement suggests the wild swings in Bitcoin’s valuation, while the Saturn-Uranus opposition describes the revolutionary, paradigm-busting concept behind this original cryptocurrency.

The Mars-Pluto dynamic pushes aggressively ahead, but the square to the Aries Moon can lead to an impulsive reversal. Bitcoin’s first bubble took place in 2010-2011 when its value rose from $0.008 to $31, reaching a peak on July 11, 2011, and then collapsed. On that date, transiting Uranus was at 4º33’ Aries, to-the-minute conjunct the natal Moon. The next peak was on April 11, 2013 when transiting Saturn and Uranus were exactly quincunx, and activating progressed Mars.

So Saturn-Uranus combinations tend to mark trends and turning points. Over the last year, as these two planets formed a favorable trine, Bitcoin rose geometrically, peaking last Wednesday at $11,395. Over the next few hours, it lost over 20 percent of its value. Transiting Saturn was now two degrees past its final trine to transiting Uranus, so a waning favorable influence. And with Mercury turning retrograde while conjoining Saturn, investors began to seriously re-think their positions.

Bitcoin, is it Real Money?

The symbolism of Juno is closely associated with money and the partnerships formed that may increase shared wealth. In ancient Rome, the temple devoted to Juno was known as Juno Moneta, and was where the first coins were minted. Moneta is the root word for "money" and "mint". In Bitcoin’s horoscope, Juno at 22º Capricorn plays a central role due to her network of aspects.

Most importantly, Juno acts as a harmonizing agent between the dynamic Saturn-Uranus opposition. Juno’s trine to Saturn gives Bitcoin a sense of legitimacy as a valid form of financial exchange, while the sextile to Uranus in pioneering Aries shows its affinity with new technology. Bitcoin’s value as a real currency is substantially improved by Juno’s conjunction with Jupiter in late Capricorn, which in turn, makes favorable aspects to Venus, Vesta, and Pluto.

Juno’s major source of tension is the square to the Midheaven, making it difficult to achieve a status as "real money". Also note that Black Moon Lilith conjoins Pluto, which has brought Bitcoin an association with black markets, money laundering, and mega-drug deals. The Lilith-Pluto conjunction shows how buyers and sellers of Bitcoin are anonymous. Transiting Saturn is about to enter Capricorn and activate this Lilith-Pluto dynamic, suggesting efforts to manage this shady side of Bitcoin.

In spite of Bitcoin’s problems, many fans and investors are hoping that this cryptocurrency will eventually replace the global currencies controlled by the central banks. Saturn’s transit through Capricorn will inevitably solidify Bitcoin as a respectable currency as it engages with Bitcoin’s six archetypal forces in this constructive sign. Most importantly, the dramatic Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020 takes place exactly conjunct Bitcoin’s Juno. This will surely mark a major global validation, and potentially lead to the re-structuring of global currencies.

* See NewsScope’s The Uranus Cycle and Congressional Investigations in NewsScope for March 6, 2017


** For a solid background story on Bitcoin, see http://blockchain.global/bitcoin/

Source data of the Genesis block (the first Bitcoin): https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Genesis_block

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