NewsScope for April 24, 2017
by Michael WolfStar

Trump’s Tax Plan

Last week, President Trump announced that he would unveil a massive tax cut for Americans this coming Wednesday (April 26), which left his staff speechless and unable to respond to journalists’ questions. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was not aware of any details of a tax overhaul proposal, although Trump promised that his tax cuts would be "bigger than any tax cut ever."

 Celebrity Chart

The Scorpio Rising U.S. horoscope uniquely emphasizes taxes with four planets located in the 8th house of taxes. The nation was founded on the pre-revolutionary tax revolts, especially the Boston Tea Party of 1773. Not until Americans passed the 16th Amendment was a federal income tax even legal. The Revenue Act established this tax, and passed on October 3, 1913 when transiting Pluto conjoined the U.S. 8th house Venus with an orb of 1d 49m and semi-squared the Midheaven with an orb of 0d 01m.

The most recent tax overhaul was engineered by a bipartisan Congress during the Reagan administration and became effective on October 22, 1986. Pluto was once again a major indicator which, along with the progressed Moon, was conjunct the Scorpio Ascendant. Pluto deals with lengthy, knotty processes which end up transforming the socio-political economic landscape. As Mnuchin said last Friday, "Tax reform is way too complicated."

With Gemini on the U.S. 8th house cusp, Mercury is also a key player in tax reform and by secondary progression has made major aspects when tax legislation has passed. Unfortunately for Trump, he’s making his bold announcement while Mercury is retrograde, which suggests that only the broad parameters of what he wants will be unveiled. Pluto will be making some important connections to the U.S. chart, but not by the end of the year – the timeline that Trump and Paul Ryan have projected. [Halloran adds] Transiting Pluto's main aspects to the U.S. chart now are a close trine to Black Moon Lilith in Virgo and a close square to the U.S. Chiron in the 6th house of health, which relates to the efforts to reform national health care.

May’s Top Five Astro-Events

1. Mercury turns direct on the 3rd while conjoining Uranus, likely beginning an eventful week leading up to the Full Moon on the 10th. Stay on your toes for sudden, potentially dangerous or unexpected conflicts, especially during your daily drive or while traveling. Geopolitical events shaped by bold threats or brash posturing can erupt spontaneously. The clash of ideologies takes center stage. Stay alert to avoid accidents.

2. Jupiter is quincunx (150º) Neptune on the 17th and becomes a prominent vibe beginning around the 7th and lasting until early July. Those with prominent planets at 13º or 14º of any sign will be most influenced by this idealistic mystic vibe. Watch out for drug or alcohol abuse, relying on unrealistic hopes, and hypocritical leaders with delusional worldviews. On the plus side, this combination may bring intriguing new relationships, enhance kindness and compassion, and illuminate one with a true sense of spiritual awareness.

3. Saturn trines Uranus on the 19th, and is in play from the 9th through 24th. In our anxious times, this combination brings some relief by providing large scale arrangements to make steady progress, especially in business and geopolitical affairs. This window of opportunity can bridge the political, ideological divides by combining the tried and true with the innovative and futuristic. Use this harmonious Saturn-Uranus phase to expand your interests wherever doors may open.

4. The Sun octiles (45º) Venus on the 20th and is in effect from the 13th through month’s end; it continues through most of June. This highly sensual, pleasurable astro-event favors romantic getaways, new relationships, and re-igniting the passion in committed partnerships. Women are favored to be more open and direct about who and what they like. In general, this is a good time for enjoying Mother Nature, appreciating art, and seeing the beauty in self and others.

5. Lilith and Uranus are trioctile (135º) on June 1st, but within orb from May 16th through mid-June. These two in combination are highly unconventional, and enjoy disrupting institutional or patriarchal systems. Those entrenched in these systems can expect some snafus and rebellion, or feel an urge to break away. Geopolitically, this disruptive pair can create a crisis atmosphere. For more intuitive free spirits, be open to spontaneous insights.

Julia Roberts, Forever Young

Black Moon Lilith has a reputation for being a troublemaker, for being the "wild woman" or the uncaring, un-nurturing, anti-Moon archetype. But she can also bring out some terrific qualities that seem magical, mysterious, and alluring. Pretty Woman actress Julia Roberts – who just received People magazine’s "The Most Beautiful Woman in the World" award for a record fifth time – is a great example.

 Celebrity Chart

Robert’s was born with her Scorpio Sun opposite Black Moon Lilith (October 28, 1967; 12:16 am; Smyrna, GA), an alignment that shows how she embodies the more favorable qualities of the dark goddess. Sun-Lilith aspects are often associated with a great sense of humor, since Lilith is aware of the taboo subjects that are largely unmentionable. Roberts has a gift for putting others at ease with her whacky one-liners and self-abnegating humor.

Lilith is involved in an Earth Grand Trine, linking to Mars in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo. These placements are all in the practical houses, bridging money (2nd), with work (6th), and career (10th). She has worked non-stop since becoming a Hollywood star in the early 1990s, and her films have brought in over $2.7 billion in box office receipts. This closed circuit of earth planets in the earth signs will keep her going as long as she wants.

Roberts’ Venus conjoins Pluto in the modest, health-conscious sign of Virgo, giving her a personal magnetism that has captivated audiences for decades. Venus is also trioctile (135º) Lilith, hinting at a kind of sexual magic that men find fascinating. The spiritual, sexual side of Lilith is most poignantly expressed in Eat Pray Love, while Lilith’s dark side can be seen in her portrayal of Snow White’s evil step-mother in Mirror Mirror. She won the People magazine award as transiting Uranus in her 10th house of honors was trine her progressed Sun with a one degree orb. [Halloran adds] By solar arc directions, Mercury exactly conjoined Julia's natal Mars when the magazine selected her.

Planets in Aspect

Sun opposite BlackMoon  (Strength:  7.88)

When it comes to human experience, you have probably seen it all.  Few people know the real you because there are so many sides to your nature.  It is a question as to which side you let come out in a given place and time.  You are multi-faceted and multi-talented.  You could channel your passions into poetry and art.  You would be a warm and loving mother.  Your voice could sound like delicious trouble.  You stay young looking into old age.  You look for challenges, are willing to take chances, and are not stuck in the past.

Ascendant square North Node  (Strength:  7.18)

This aspect makes you a beautiful, intense, high-energy individual.  It is possible that you do not need much sleep, but with this energy it would help you to meditate daily.  Watch out for attacks on your person.  You could be tall and slender.

Mars trine BlackMoon  (Strength:  6.52)

You tend to be pretty active.  You have the toughness to deal with difficult situations and could make it your mission to confront and solve human and animal problems.  You see issues from a modern, open-minded perspective.  You could be tall and slim.  You try to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle.  In private you can display warmth and an impish sense of humor.  You could host interesting parties.  You are definitely one of a kind, not a carbon copy of anyone.

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