NewsScope for July 17, 2017
by Michael WolfStar

The UK Horoscope and Brexit

A UK reader asks about Brexit: "What’s to come from now until the official Brexit in March 2019?" Since Theresa May initiated the two-year process of leaving the EU on March 29, 2017, the official British exit is scheduled for March 29, 2019.* The United Kingdom horoscope (January 1, 1801; 12:00 am; London) shows how incredibly complex leaving the EU will be.

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Natally, the Capricorn Sun represents the patriarchal government and, in the 4th house, its strong affiliation with land ownership. The Sun resonates strongly with Saturn in Leo, both by aspect (the trioctile or 135º aspect), and by mutual reception (Saturn is in the Sun’s sign, and vice versa). Saturn’s placement in the 11th house of the legislative body represents Parliament, with its members generally coming from the ruling class.

Like England’s 1066 chart, with its Capricorn Sun trine Saturn, the UK is fundamentally built on male domination. However, the 1801 UK chart features the Cancer Moon in the 10th house of leadership, which reflects the important roles that women have played, starting with Queen Victoria, and including Queen Elizabeth, PM Margaret Thatcher, and the current PM, Theresa May. The elevated Moon also represents the powerful voice of the people in determining the nation’s direction -- unlike the 1066 chart where the Moon was hidden away in the 12th house.

With Libra Rising, and the ruling planet Venus in egalitarian, group-minded Aquarius, the modern incarnation of the UK has a healthy legal system and an interest in creating friendly, balanced associations. However, Venus is part of a Fixed Grand Cross, so these associations go through jarring restructuring episodes. Internally, this equates to the separatist inclinations of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Externally, this has manifested as the partnering with, and decoupling from, the European Union.

Soft or Hard Brexit?

Many astrologers have commented about Pluto’s transit** through the UK’s 4th house. Predictions have included a fundamental change in the form of governing, dramatic changes of leadership, the end of the monarchy, and the rise of domestic terrorism. On June 23, 2016, when the referendum to leave the EU was passed, transiting Pluto was within three degrees of opposing the natal Moon. The people had spoken.

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In mid-April, 2017, Pluto turned retrograde at 19º Capricorn while forming an exact opposition to the natal Moon. This was when the difficult legislative process was being put together. Last Thursday (July 13), the official withdrawal bill was introduced in Parliament, kicking off an intensely controversial management task. To see how much conflict is being engendered by this act, consider the conditions around natal Mars.

Mars in financially solid Taurus is the ruler of the 7th house of partners. Located in the 8th house of shared assets, Mars represents the UK’s economic partnership with the EU as well as its internal financial arrangements with Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Being in tenacious Taurus, the financial bonds can be extremely tight and enduring. However, Mars is part of the Fixed Grand Cross, so when tensions arise, the actual separation can be traumatic, and even violent.

In somewhat parallel circumstances, in 1919 when transiting Pluto was in Cancer and opposing the UK Sun, the IRA began their separatist campaign. Irish Independence was declared on December 6, 1922 when the progressed Midheaven was exactly opposite Mars. The progressed Midheaven represents the nation’s evolving status, and has advanced 90º since the Irish formed their own nation. It’s now at 11º41’ Aquarius, and only 0º04’ from forming the hard square to natal Mars.

Brexit: The Henry VIII Clauses

The Repeal Bill introduced last week proposes to copy and paste some 12,000 EU regulations into domestic UK law. This will ensure a smooth transition immediately after Brexit. However, hundreds of measures will need to be rewritten over the following years to make sure that everything runs properly. Citing a 1539 Proclamation issued by Henry VIII, the government is planning to make these changes by ministerial directive.***

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Astrologically, the Repeal Bill arrives as the UK Mars is being dynamically challenged by a square from the progressed Midheaven. Naturally, the opposition parties are not happy with this government plan, which the Scottish government has called an "executive power grab". And then Pluto is often associated with complex processes. Its opposition to the tribal Moon in Cancer over the next two years will make Brexit an intensely fought, convoluted undertaking.

On the plus side, the UK’s progressed Sun and Jupiter are meeting up in the sovereign sign of Leo in August 2020. By March 2019, when Brexit becomes official, the progressed Sun and Jupiter will be within one degree of the conjunction, as a growing sense of independence and optimism takes over. The break from the EU is signified by the progressed Sun-Jupiter being exactly octile (45º or semi-square) to progressed Uranus, sometimes known as the "divorce planet".

Also in 2020, we have the epic Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 20º Capricorn, which promises to restructure governments across our global village. This Saturn-Pluto duo tends to encourage conservative policies and extreme nationalism. It underscores the sentiment of the UK leaving an international organization, but will also likely induce Scotland to become more independent. In the short term, watch for some dramatic developments when the Lunar Eclipse on August 7 aligns with the UK’s progressed Mercury.

* Brexit: all you need to know:


** For more on the UK’s Sun, Moon and Pluto transit, see Christina’s article at the Oxford Astrologer: https://www.oxfordastrologer.com/2017/05/the-uk-suicidal-ideation-addicted-to-life.html

***Repeal bill: All you need to know


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