NewsScope for January 8, 2018
by Michael WolfStar

Trump’s 12th House Pluto

Last week Trump lashed out at his former campaign strategist, Steve Bannon, saying he "lost his mind". Bannon was quoted in Michael Wolff’s new book as saying that Trump Jr’s 2016 meeting with Russians in Trump Tower was treasonous. Trump also tweeted that he is a "stable genius" in response to numerous staffer comments that he acts like a child and is unfit for office.

Astrologically, Wolff’s explosive, behind-the-scenes look at Trump arrives just as Trump’s progressed Moon is about to conjoin his 12th house Pluto. This major astro-event will be exact on January 24, and emphasizes the dark side of Pluto. Psychologically, this activation of this Pluto placement engages Trump’s paranoia that everyone is out to get him, including the mainstream political establishment, the media, the deep state, and so on.

In terms of actual behind-the-scenes affairs that may undermine Trump, the 12th house Pluto can refer to past actions and current attitudes that work against his better interests. For example, we’ve learned that Trump didn’t want to become president, and he doesn’t read or listen. Wolff’s book also gives Mueller’s investigation team many new leads to follow up on. Trump’s progressed Moon goes on to conjoin his progressed Pluto on March 16, so this Pluto phase unfolds over a three-month timeline.

Many commentators are pointing to Wolff’s book as a wake-up call for the nation, that we have a president who shouldn’t be there. But this is nothing new. Not until Democrats take over Congress will Trump likely face direct action against his tenure. Transiting Jupiter is quincunx Uranus in early November, and enters Sagittarius on November 8, two days after the mid-term elections. This is a sign of significant political change and, quite possibly, a shake-up in which party controls Washington.

Saturn Opposite the U.S. Venus

Saturn opposes the U.S. Venus three times in 2018, with the first one taking place on January 14. No matter which chart you use for the U.S. (assuming it’s set for July 4, 1776), Saturn opposite the nation’s Venus is usually considered to be bad for the economy, and perhaps the people’s happiness as well. The market has reached frothy heights, with unprecedented steady, strong growth. So we’re due for a correction.

When we look at the historical record, Saturn’s previous oppositions to the U.S. Venus have had mixed outcomes. The most obvious case was when Saturn opposed the U.S. Venus in December 1929 and the stock market was in the midst of its most calamitous crash ever. However, during the next two Saturn passages in this degree area in 1959 and 1988, the markets were in a general recovery period, and trending upward nicely.

 Celebrity Chart

One of the main drivers of the bullish economic trends over the past several years is that the U.S. is currently experiencing a rare progressed Saturn aspect: a trine to natal Venus. Progressed Saturn is moving very slowly (about 0º02’/year), and is currently 0º04’ from completing this trine. Institutional Saturn trine the money planet Venus has been building up over the years and will be exact in 2020. This long-term influence has brought us the installation of corporate America.

Corporate wealth shaping American politics and lifestyles is the dominant trend of our time. Trump has been instrumental in implementing this process, most noticeably, by lowering the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. So the experience of transiting Saturn opposite the U.S. Venus may indeed bring a blip in the stock markets, but with this underlying progressed Saturn trine Venus becoming more powerful as we head into 2020, I expect a quick recovery.

Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury

Reaching the #1 spot on Amazon and Apple iBooks, and selling out in bookstores across America, Michael Wolff’s sensational Fire and Fury was published last Friday with all the flare and media attention of a political bombshell. Sales of the shocking inside look at Trump’s White House were fueled by a cease and desist order issued by Trump’s lawyer the day before publication.

 Celebrity Chart

Michael Wolff was born with his Virgo Sun unaspected considering traditional measurements (August 27, 1953; Paterson, NJ; time unknown), but at the midpoint of a Uranus-Neptune square, which makes him an "outer-planet-person". By secondary progression, his Sun is at 7º Scorpio, or one degree from the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant, which creates the celestial opportunity to make a big splash on the national scene.

Wolff’s Mercury is the most important planet in this chart due to its exact conjunction with Pluto and close aspects to the other outer planets. In Leo, his writing tends to be dramatic, over-the-top, and often aimed at creating an effect rather than relating the facts. However, in this case, his unprecedented fly-on-the-wall observations and interviews with Trump’s staff are widely viewed as newsworthy in its own right.

If Wolff was born close to noon (I suspect he has Libra Rising), then his progressed Moon is exactly conjunct his Mercury now. His Mars in Leo is also being activated (by transiting Mars, Jupiter and Pluto), which describes the bold, confident publishing act he has performed. A Libra Ascendant (around 10 am) makes Venus the ruler of his chart, and its conjunction with Uranus describes the kind of sensational writing he practices. Transiting Pluto would be right on his Midheaven.

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