NewsScope for February 13, 2017
by Michael WolfStar

Kellyanne Conway’s Rectified Horoscope

Several readers have requested an astrological look at Kellyanne Conway, a consistent and fascinating newsmaker. Unfortunately, we don’t have a sourced birth time for her, but her strong religious background, the honors she received in her upper education, and her first professional role as a lawyer suggest her Sun is in the 9th house. The birth time given here is rectified, and places stylish Venus at her Midheaven.

 Celebrity Chart

Ms. Conway was born with her Capricorn Sun conjunct Mercury and square Mars (Jan. 20, 1967; 1:04 pm, Hammonton, NJ), a strident combination that readily – and often impulsively – compels her to speak her mind. Venus near the MC brought a blueberry pageant award when she was 16, and is part of an Air Grand Trine that, along with her Gemini Ascendant, makes her an appealing commentator on the political scene.

One reason why 6º Gemini looks accurate is due to a peculiar Mars transit. A year ago, Conway was working as Ted Cruz’s campaign manager, but he announced he was withdrawing on May 4, 2016 when Mars was retrograde at 7º Sagittarius. Then, after a brief stint in the Trump camp, she was appointed manager of his presidential campaign on August 17, 2017: Mars was now direct and at 6º Sagittarius.

 Celebrity Chart

Trump won the election on November 8 when Conway was experiencing a progressed Fortuna-Jupiter conjunction. Also her progressed Mercury was at 6º Pisces (in her 10th house of reputation) and exactly squaring her Gemini Ascendant. No other placement in the natal chart is located at 6º of any sign, so 6º on the Ascendant makes sense. With an accurate birth chart, we can explore the natal dynamics much more confidently.

Conway, a Deeper Look

Since Trump was elected, Conway has been a major feature in the news on at least four distinct occasions. The first time was her vocal opposition to appointing Mitt Romney as Secretary of State. Then came her infamous "alternative facts" explanation, followed by the non-existent "Bowling Green Massacre". Most recently, she committed the faux pas of openly promoting Ivanka Trump’s line of clothing.

Conway’s Moon in the 12th house and opposite Neptune indicates a sensitive, empathetic soul lurking behind her tough public persona. But with a Saturn-Chiron conjunction in Pisces, she feels a strong need to cover up this more vulnerable, intuitive side with the mask of authority. Mercury in systems-oriented Aquarius trines her Ascendant, assisting her in becoming an expert in polling and dealing with hard numbers.

 Celebrity Chart

On December 22, Trump appointed Conway as Counselor to the President. Among the many astro-indicators at this time was her progressed Sun exactly opposing her natal Pluto (orb: 0º03’), with transiting Saturn precisely squaring both. The Sun-Saturn-Pluto trifecta describes the total restructuring of her political career, and the pinnacle of her determined drive to reach the heights of power. A psychologist might attribute her various slips as the manifestation of an intense internal conflict between her compassion and her all-consuming ambition.

Natal Mars at 22º Libra 38' is a key planet now and over the next four years. Transiting Eris has been floating around 22º Aries for several years, but last year was awakened by its conjunction with transiting Uranus. The final conjunction of Uranus and Eris unfolds over the next month as they oppose Conway’s Mars. This explosive mix will ensure that the Counselor remains a prominent and controversial news item in the near future.

Conway and the Feminine Archetypes

Each of the four major asteroids and Black Moon Lilith are all important players in Conway’s horoscope. Of these, her Pallas-Lilith conjunction is the most auspiciously placed. Pallas is the political strategist or adviser, and its conjunction with Lilith offers creative and imaginative insights that others might miss. Pallas-Lilith in assertive Aries is harmoniously sextile her Sun-Mercury conjunction as well as sextile her Gemini Ascendant.

 Celebrity Chart

Juno at 8º Leo is also well aspected by being sextile her Gemini Ascendant and trine Pallas-Lilith. She proudly presents herself as a partner in a traditional marriage with four children. She married on April 28, 2001 with multiple aspects to both her natal and progressed Juno. The most favorable -- one that shows a marriage based on love -- is an exact trine between her progressed Venus and Juno.

Vesta is the most karmic placement since it’s exactly conjunct her South Node at 13º Scorpio. In modern terms, Vesta here can be called the workaholic, one that is absolutely devoted to her duty. In Scorpio, she carries an unusual intensity to her calling, which is serving the conservative agenda. Vesta is exactly square her Midheaven, implying a clash between her public reputation (MC) and the demands of her duty (Vesta).

Ceres at 24º Gemini is the most challenging asteroid placement in her chart due to its square to the generational Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo, and the square to the Saturn-Chiron pair in Pisces. Ceres shows how we take care of others as well as ourselves, and in Gemini, this is through knowledge and communication. Her Ceres conjoins Donald Trump’s Gemini Sun, and she takes care of him and his business affairs by explaining the facts as she sees them.

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