NewsScope for March 20, 2017
by Michael WolfStar

Triangulating North Korea’s Provocative Actions

"The policy of strategic patience is over," said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. "All options are on the table". Meeting with reporters after his visit with South Korean dignitaries, Tillerson addressed North Korea’s growing nuclear threat by warning that a pre-emptive military strike may be necessary to safeguard the region. The Trump administration will not be limited to economic sanctions and covert actions.

Astrologically, we’ve been tracking the North Korea situation from a variety of angles. Here’s a three-point re-cap.* First, Trump’s relocated Mars is on his Descendant (representing "open enemies") in North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang. Second, the U.S. Scorpio Rising horoscope indicates we’re rapidly approaching a major war cycle, with progressed Venus (the ruler of the 7th house) squaring natal Pluto, the ruler of the 1st house.

Third, Kim Jong Un’s horoscope shows growing erratic behavior and open defiance of the international community as transiting Uranus nears an opposition to his 10th house Mars-Pluto conjunction. The February 26, 2017 Solar Eclipse at 8º Pisces landed right on Kim Jong Un’s Pisces Moon. It led to a number of provocative lunacies, including the assassination of the dictator’s half-brother and the launching of four ballistic missiles that landed just off the coast of Japan.

The missile launches took place on March 6 when transiting Mars was at 27º Aries where it opposed Kim Jong Un’s natal Mars (at 28º Libra) and trined his Jupiter (27º Sagittarius). This incident underscores the importance of these two degrees, which transiting Uranus is rapidly approaching. Transiting Uranus will be at 27º and 28º Aries from June until early October. Uranus not only opposes Kim Jong Un’s Mars, but also squares the U.S. Pluto, and is closely trine Trump’s Mars. The big question is, where does China come down on the North Korea issue?

The U.S. Progressed Sun in Pisces

A reader recently noticed that NewsScope occasionally uses outer planet transits to progressed planets as an interpretive tool. Yes, and it requires the use of a triwheel to properly visualize (natal on the inner wheel, with progressions and transits on the outer rings). Transits to progressions often are the most precise indicators in effect when underlying conditions manifest with actual events, especially when a natal planet is also involved.

 Celebrity Chart

Transiting Uranus conjunct the U.S. progressed Venus on June 11 will be one such event, and is part of the war cycle that we seem irreversibly entering. Another example using the U.S. Scorpio Rising horoscope concerns the conditions around the progressed Sun. Beginning in April 2016, transiting Neptune conjoined the U.S. progressed Sun, with both at 11º Pisces. We can think of the progressed Sun as describing America’s evolving leadership.

Since this astro-event began when the 2016 presidential campaign was in full swing, we can see Neptune’s symbolism casting its aura of scandal, uncertainty and chaos over the choices Americans had for their next president. Ultimately, both Hillary and Trump were tainted by Neptunian flaws, with Trump’s Russian connection first being revealed when transiting Neptune initially conjoined the U.S. progressed Sun.

Over the past week, transiting Neptune and the U.S. progressed Sun were once again exactly conjunct at 12º Pisces. And we’ve had no shortage of Neptunian events concerning the sitting president, including numerous "fake news" allegations, and his unfounded claim that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. This week and next, Congressional hearings in both the House and Senate will be investigating Trump’s Russian connection. Transiting Neptune will be dogging the U.S. progressed Sun well into 2019.

Joseph Patrick Kennedy III’s Royal Moon

A NewsScope reader asks, "Can you perhaps look at Joseph Patrick Kennedy III's chart and determine if there’s potential for him running for President perhaps as soon as the 2020 election?" This fourth generation Kennedy currently serves as a Congressional Representative for Massachusetts, and became an internet favorite last week when he gave an elegant speech against Trump’s healthcare bill.

 Celebrity Chart

Kennedy was born with his Libra Sun conjunct a Juno-Saturn conjunction (October 4, 1980; 9:42 pm; Boston, MA), a configuration that combines ambition (Saturn) with marriage (Juno). A month after he was first elected to Congress in November 2012, he married his Harvard sweetheart and fellow lawyer, Lauren Anne Birchfield. Kennedy’s Sun is also conjunct a Lilith-Pluto conjunction, which carries the immense fascination of his family name along with its dark side.

His Leo Moon conjoins Venus, with both conjunct the royal star Regulus. This regal planetary duo is found near the 4th house cusp, and indicates his family background of immense fame and wealth. Neptune is also angular, since it conjoins his Descendant. Neptune’s prominence gives the young Kennedy tremendous empathy for the disenfranchised, as demonstrated by his two-year stint in the Peace Corps and last week’s viral speech against Trumpcare.

Kennedy’s Midheaven at 26º Aquarius conjoins the U.S. Moon, a connection any politician needs to succeed with national voters. He’s been relatively quiet in Congress until last week when transiting Saturn trined his royal Moon, and he reminded everyone of the responsibility of the ruling class. Watch for dramatically increased political activity when the August 21 Solar Eclipse activates this same Moon. However, with none of the traditional planets in the 9th, 10th, or 11th houses, this Kennedy makes an unlikely presidential contender.

* Previous stories on these three points can be found here:

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2. Three war indicators in the U.S. chart: NewsScope on September 5, 2016

3. "Kim Jong Un Unhinged": NewsScope on September 12, 2016

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