NewsScope for February 12, 2018
by Michael WolfStar

Rachel Brand Heads for Walmart

In recent weeks, President Trump indicated that he wanted Rod Rosenstein removed, evidently as a way to fire Robert Mueller. With Jeff Sessions recusing himself, if Rosenstein were gone, the #3 person at the Department of Justice would be in charge of overseeing Mueller’s investigation. That would have been Rachel Brand, but last Friday she announced that she’s resigning to become Walmart’s chief lawyer.

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If one relies on Sun signs, Rachel Brand’s Taurus Sun (May 1, 1973; Muskegon, Michigan; time unknown) would be more steadfast in this pivotal national role. But she has numerous placements in the mutable Gemini-Sagittarius polarity, and her impulsive Moon-Mercury conjunction in fiery Aries is prone to jumping ship because of their opposition to Uranus. Still, with her Mars at 25º Aquarius (conjunct the U.S. Moon), she wants to fight for the public good.

In 2007, Brand was embroiled in a similar controversy when Bush officials fired numerous U.S. attorneys, and Brand was in line for advancing into the politically-charged vacuum. She resigned on June 30, 2007, effective immediately, as transiting Uranus conjoined her progressed Mars and both squared natal Saturn. Her Pallas – the political strategy asteroid – was also involved: transiting Mars opposed her Pallas, and her progressed Pallas at 27º33 Libra was precisely squaring the U.S. Pluto.

Currently, transiting Saturn is sextile her natal Pallas, and transiting Uranus is activating her Moon-Uranus opposition. During her work for the past three administrations (including Obama’s), Brand has favored a balance between the surveillance needs of the intelligence community and the public’s right to privacy, but she clearly prefers to avoid partisan politics. With her current life-changing progressed Sun-Saturn conjunction, we expect she will do well at Walmart, and be there for a long time.

The Pentagon Gets a Funding Bonanza

When the ruler of the Ascendant is conjunct the Midheaven, you have a reliable indicator for a powerful player in society. The Pentagon (July 26, 1947; 12:15 pm; Washington, DC) is an exceptional illustration of this rule of thumb. With Libra Rising, the chart ruler is Venus, located only 3º30’ from the Midheaven. The Pentagon is the most influential bureaucracy on our planet.

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We generally don’t associate Venus with the military, but this chart has plenty of other placements to show that. Chief among these is the Mars-Uranus conjunction that trines the Ascendant, and shapes its projected identity. This Mars-Uranus duo conjoins the U.S. Mars, underscoring the Pentagon’s role as the nation’s military arm. The Leo Sun conjunct a Saturn-Pluto conjunction describes the Pentagon’s purpose of command-and-control.

A Moon-Jupiter conjunction in the 2nd house of money reveals the immense financial resources available to the Pentagon. Currently, the U.S. allots more for the Pentagon than the next ten countries combined,* including four times more than China, and nine times more than Russia. This Moon-Jupiter conjunction is harmoniously trine Venus at the Midheaven, financially establishing the Pentagon as the richest agency in the world.

The once fiscally-conservative Republican Party changed their tune when Trump was elected. Last week the GOP lifted spending caps to increase Pentagon spending to $700 billion annually, about $100 billion more than in 2017. This bipartisan deal – in return the Democrats got domestic spending increases -- was passed as transiting Pluto began aligning with the Pentagon’s Midheaven. This funding bonanza will play out by 2020 when transiting Saturn and Pluto will be conjunct at 22º Capricorn, exactly aligned with the Pentagon’s elevated Venus.

Kim Yo Jong’s Historic Visit

Kim Jong Un sent his sister to lead the North Korean delegation’s historic visit to Seoul, as the two Koreas marched together in the Olympics’ opening ceremony. Kim Yo Jong became the first member of North Korea’s ruling dynasty to visit South Korea since 1953. She shook hands with South Korea’s president as the two smiled broadly while the Mike Pence looked on, stony faced.

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Kim Yo Jong was born with her Sun in the diplomatic sign of Libra (September 26, 1987; Pyongyang, NK; time unknown), and exactly conjunct the South Node – an indicator of being born into a leadership position. However, with her Sun squaring Neptune, she knows how to be self-sacrificing, how to play second fiddle to her brother’s directives. Mercury and Venus are also in Libra, giving her invaluable social skills.

Mercury is prominently placed through its network of aspects, including an opposition to expansive Jupiter, and a trine to Chiron in the information sign of Gemini. Mercury has brought her a top government position as the Director of the Propaganda and Agitation Department. With a natal Mars-Uranus square and an emotionally intense Moon-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio, Kim can be decisive and direct when she needs to be.

And this Moon-Pluto conjunction happens to be exactly conjunct the U.S. Scorpio Ascendant, indicating her extreme feelings about America’s role in the region. Yet with her natal and progressed Venus receiving multiple aspects last week, she became the central figure in the thawing relations between the North and South. And with transiting Uranus aligned with her Mercury, she brought a surprise message: an invitation for South Korea’s president to visit her brother in Pyongyang.

* For details see The Hill: http://thehill.com/opinion/finance/373136-congress-just-agreed-to-completely-out-of-control-pentagon-spending

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