NewsScope for May 22, 2017
by Michael WolfStar

Trump’s Saturn-Uranus Dilemma

Trump was elected last November under two Saturn-Uranus astro-events, which defines his presidency as a clash between these two archetypes. Transiting Saturn opposed his natal Uranus at the same time that transiting Uranus squared his natal Saturn. Saturn’s concern with tradition, authority, and responsibility competes with the Uranian impulse to be individualistic, anti-establishment, and highly rebellious.

Flash forward and Trump’s radical agenda looks stalled by the appointment of former FBI head Robert Mueller as Special Counsel overseeing the Trump campaign’s potential collusion with Russian meddling in the 2016 election. The astrological indicators continue to feature the clash between Saturn and Uranus. Transiting Saturn is opposing Trump’s Sun-Uranus conjunction in Gemini through October of this year.

And a new Saturn-Uranus development can be seen in Trump’s progressed chart: his progressed Saturn is now at 2º Leo where it’s heading into an octile (45º) to natal Uranus over the coming year. What makes this progression so important is that two other progressions are conjoining his progressed Saturn. His progressed Midheaven is also at 2º Leo, and the faster-moving progressed Moon entered Leo on May 10, and will be conjoining (activating) the progressed Midheaven and Saturn over the next two months.

This triple conjunction with progressed Moon, Midheaven, and Saturn unfolds in his 12th house and octiles his 10th house Uranus. Tight four-planet configurations are powerful and event-oriented, bringing major changes. Trump’s status as the president will likely be affected, since his Midheaven is involved. The 12th house influence suggests self-defeating behavior: hidden, inappropriate, or illegal actions get him in trouble. These astro-events could indicate that the Uranian Trump will resign under pressure from well-respected Saturnine players, such as Robert Mueller. At the very least, it’s going to get tempestuous.

Mike Pence, the Next President?

Several readers have requested a look at Mike Pence’s chart to see if he could become the next president before Trump’s term ends, perhaps around the Solar Eclipse. The value of looking at Trump’s chart is that we have his accurate birth time, and this is not true for Mike Pence. All we have is a date and place: June 7, 1959 in Columbus, Indiana.

 Celebrity Chart

Considering Pence’s religious and political conservatism, one might suspect that his Jupiter in Scorpio would be prominently placed in his chart. And as statistician Michel Gauquelin noted, entertainers and politicians tend to have Jupiter near the Ascendant or Midheaven. A speculative birth time of 6:20 pm puts his Jupiter near a Scorpio Ascendant. His "true believer" personality is underscored by Jupiter’s square to Pluto in the 9th house of religion.

Pence’s Sun in the 7th house is a strong indicator for a healthy marriage, especially since it’s supported by a sextile to his Vesta-Uranus conjunction. He married on June 8, 1985 when his progressed Ascendant opposed his 7th house Sun. Pence lost his first two runs for Congress. Only after gaining recognition as a conservative talk show host did he finally win. That was on November 7, 2000 when his progressed Venus (popularity) conjoined his Midheaven.

The buzz around Pence right now is evident in his chart when we see that his progressed Mercury (the ruler of his Midheaven) is exactly conjunct natal Uranus. The Solar Eclipse on August 21 is very near his Pluto, his most elevated planet and the ruler of his chart. That could certainly correlate to the kind political events that eventually vault him to the presidency. His progressed Sun conjoining natal Uranus over the next 18 months is known as "The Great Awakener".

Jupiter semi-square North Node (Strength: 7.46)

This aspect adds depth, passion, and energy. You are both tough and sensitive. You have a keen political instinct and you can be a consummate negotiator, well-organized, fair and attentive to detail. You know your mind so well that out in the world you can be quite aggressive. You will not be stopped. But in your private life, you can be a thoughtful and loyal friend who is good with children. Women find attractive this combination of shy and aggressive. You could end up married more than once.

The Neo-Expressionist, Jean-Michel Basquiat

Last week at Sotheby’s, a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting sold for an astonishing $110 million, the most ever paid for an American artist’s work. The successful bidder -- a Japanese e-commerce billionaire – announced he would loan the work to galleries around the world before taking it home. Basquiat specialized in graffiti art in Lower Manhattan and his enigmatic paintings have been celebrated for their social commentaries.

 Celebrity Chart

Basquiat was born with his Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn in ambitious Capricorn (December 22, 1960; Brooklyn, NY; time unknown). His Sun is enhanced and given a social conscience by being trine Uranus at 25º Leo. The location of Uranus is significant for his aspirations since it’s exactly opposite the U.S. Moon. His Mercury in Sagittarius also trines Uranus, giving him a radical voice (Uranus) that found resonance with the public (U.S. Moon).

Basquiat’s Venus conjoins Vesta, and both are closely octile (45º) his Sun, which is where his lifelong devotion (Vesta) to art (Venus) shows up. His Venus also squares Neptune, a planetary link found in many artists’ charts. Basquiat met Andy Warhol in October 1982, and the two collaborated until Warhol’s death in 1987. The elder Warhol also has a Venus-Vesta-Neptune configuration, and took on Basquiat to make him feel rebellious again.

Basquiat died of a heroin overdose in his studio on August 12, 1988. At the time, he was struggling with a rehabilitation program as transiting Pluto conjoined his natal Neptune. Since then, his fame has escalated through film, literature and music, notably emphasizing his technique of using mystery-within-familiarity and oppositional heroic figures. His radical chic chart lives on: his "Untitled" painting sold last week as his progressed Mars exactly opposed his Sun. Also, transiting Saturn and Uranus made a creative Fire Grand Trine with his natal Uranus.

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