NewsScope for August 31, 2015
by Michael WolfStar

China-U.S. Trade Relations

Economists predict that over the next two years, U.S.–China trade will surpass U.S.-Canada trade as the largest in the world. The growing financial links between the world’s #1 and #2 economies represent a quantum leap toward the creation of our global community with the vast Pacific Ocean no longer operating as a formidable obstacle to cultural interactions. Astrologically, the ties are intense and strong.

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Over the past few years, the transiting Uranus-Pluto square has activated both China’s and the U.S.’s natal planets in the 13º-14º range, increasing their economic interdependence. Uranus has moved on but Pluto remains in this degree area, and will turn direct in late September at 13º Capricorn. This station squares China’s Mercury-Neptune-Ceres triple conjunction in Libra, and opposes the U.S. Sun, intensifying all cultural, political and economic interactions.

Last week we saw how Pluto’s partile (exact) square to China’s Mercury led to its stock market plunging, and created a chain reaction in the U.S. since transiting Pluto also was exactly opposite the U.S. Sun. A transiting Sun-Jupiter conjunction gave a few days bounce back, but this aspect has faded and the Pluto aspect remains in effect over the next few months. Pluto in Capricorn is transiting through China’s 12th house where it suggests the secret meetings and plans that the government is forming to manipulate the economy.

Fortunately for China, transiting Pluto is also trine natal Saturn, and its progressed Sun is sextile the Mercury-Neptune-Ceres stellium. Both configurations lead to positive effects in China’s overall economic well-being, and suggest that the government’s massive intervention will succeed if panic (T PL squ ME) doesn’t sabotage their efforts. The outer planet activation of connections between China and the U.S. will increasingly determine the state of the global economy. We’re in the midst of such a dynamic phase right now.

September’s Top Five Astro-Events

1. Venus turns direct on the 6th in magnificent Leo. After spinning your wheels in the love department for the last 40 days, expect the heat to turn up, especially since the amorous duo Venus and Mars will be traveling together for the next two months. Through October 6, Venus remains in Leo, an excellent time to enjoy the arts, fine dining, and other extravagances with someone special.

2. A Solar Eclipse takes place on the 12th at 20º Virgo where it opposes Chiron and is quincunx (150º) Uranus. Watch for sudden developments in health issues, either personally, or in people close to you. The eclipse chart features Uranus at the Midheaven in Washington D.C., which suggests the need for military intervention, especially since the eclipse is very near Obama’s Mars. Look for the rapid decline of a few presidential candidates as a select few begin to rise in the polls.

3. Mercury turns retrograde on the 17th while forming an octile (45º) to Saturn. These two planets remain in this aspect from the 11th through 21st which, for many, will lead to some serious thinking, major research, and a deeply cautious –even pessimistic – outlook. This interval is not a time to take unnecessary risks. Mercury’s hard aspect to Saturn can lead to the breaking down of mechanical or electrical devices. In Libra, Mercury also leads to re-thinking many assumptions about relationship patterns.

4. The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th in the Aries-Libra polarity tends to mark a culmination in relationship dynamics. The Libra Sun conjoins Juno, the marriage asteroid, emphasizing partnership needs. On the other side, the Aries Moon conjoins independent Vesta, doubling up on the need for personal space. This eclipse spotlights self-interest versus cooperation, what "I" want versus what "We" want.

5. Mars squares Saturn on the 25th as Pluto turns direct, marking an exceptionally dangerous astro-event that can lead to all kinds of conflicts and confrontational incidents. Mars is also adversely aspecting Uranus and Pluto from the 18th through month’s end, when we may anticipate a spike in terrorism, violent accidents, rising tempers, aggressive actions, and irrational brutalities. Avoid petty disagreements, but fight where you must; choose your battles wisely. Expect a rise in self-righteous morality from many politicians.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Back in the 1960s, media guru Marshall McCluhan coined the term "the global village" and predicted an electronic worldwide web. He told us that "the medium is the message", meaning that new communication technologies shape society more than the content that they carry. Last week, Mark Zuckerberg announced that, for the first time ever, one billion people used Facebook in a single day.

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Astrologers associate the internet with the arrival of the Age of Aquarius. Individuals moving the collective away from the faith-based Age of Pisces into the networking, information-based Age of Aquarius tend to have Uranus or Aquarius prominently placed. McCluhan, for example, had his Cancer Sun exactly opposite Uranus. Zuckerberg was born with Aquarius Rising (May 14, 1984; 2:10 am*; White Plains, NY), and Uranus placed at his Midheaven.

Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his college dormitory on February 4, 2004 when transiting Uranus was near his Ascendant and forming an empowering trine to natal Pluto. Also at this time his Sun had progressed to 12º Gemini where it was perfectly aligned with Uranus at his Midheaven. In essence, his ambitious little project became the medium that shaped the global village.

Currently, Zuckerberg’s progressed Midheaven AND transiting Pluto are conjunct his Jupiter, which resides in the 11th house of friends, social networking, and the larger community. Jupiter here gives the CEO a cutting-edge philosophical approach to what Facebook is all about. The Facebook community "stands for giving every person a voice, for promoting understanding and for including everyone in the opportunities of our modern world," he wrote.

* His birth time is unknown. The time is rectified by the author and should be considered speculative. It varies by a few minutes from the time previously given here: http://newsscopearchives.homestead.com/nsc100410.html

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